Mrs. Heinlein

"Elementary School community is an environment of excellence in teaching and learning where students reach high academic standards and learn to be self-motivated, well-rounded citizens.” 


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2nd Grade Class Webpage

Welcome to 1st grade! As an alumni of Edgemere Elementary, it is great to be back in the community. I graduated from Towson University in 2009 with a bachelor in Early Childhood Education. I am also certified in Special Education and I am currently earning credits to get my masters in Human Resources and Instructional Technology. This is my 11th year teaching; I spent 4 years in Kindergarten here at Edgemere, 3 years in 2nd grade, 3 years in first, and now I am back in 2nd! I enjoy spending time with my husband and dog Bandit, reading, and anything to do with Disney.  

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"--Walt Disney

Virtual Schedule
9:00-9:15-Morning Announcements (cament2020)
9:15-9:30-Morning Meeting (with Mrs. Heinlein)
11:00-11:30-Phonics-whole group
11:30-12:00-Phonics-small group
1:00-1:30-Reading-whole group
1:30-2:10-Reading-small group
2:15-3:00-Math-whole group
3:00-3:30-Math-small group
3:30-3:45-Read Aloud

Specials Schedule
Tuesday-no special-independent time

Classroom Rules & Expectations
In our class, we follow the Edgemere Elementary Pride:
            Persist with all tasks
                                      Respect my teachers, peers, and myself
Interact kindly
       Do my best always
       Enjoy our diversity
    We have a behavior chart in the classroom and every student has their own clip. They have the chance to move up and down the levels. Each night, I will color the dates block on the Monthly calendar the color your child was on at the end of the day. Please sign the calendar every night. As a class we can earn cubes to get a class prize! These are the different behavior levels:

Virtual Learning Expectation

Required Learning Behaviors:

• Wear clothing in class that is comfortable, appropriate school wear, this excludes pajamas.
• Eat prior to or after the online class.
• Focus on instruction. TVs, video games, toys, pets etc. are not permitted in class.   
• Keep computer camera on.  This allows the teachers to read student expressions which helps to gauge understanding and engagement.
• Sit or stand during class, but do not run, play, or lie down.
• Type in the chat box only when permitted by the teacher. 
• Mute mic, raise hand, and wait to be called on prior to speaking


Recommended Learning Behaviors:

• Log in a few minutes early to trouble shoot technology problems.
• Prepare a bin with organized school supplies and a water bottle near learning station.
• Go to the bathroom prior to or after class. 
• Place yourself somewhere with little or no distraction to aid focus.
• Use headphones with a built-in mic if the space is not quiet enough to hear. 
• Participate in all discussions and complete all learning activities. 

Progressive Consequences to Encourage Helpful Learning Behaviors:

• Expectations will be reviewed at the beginning of the lesson.   
• A reminder may be given at teacher discretion.
• A warning will be given that presents the student with a Choice.
• A teacher may exit the child from the Google Meet.

o If a student leaves or is exited from the classroom, parents will be notified by telephone that day.  A parent/teacher phone conference will be required prior to the student being admitted to another Google Meet.

o If disruptive learning behaviors continue, a phone/video conference with the parent, teacher, and principal may be required prior to being admitted to another Google Meet class.

Here is what to come in the 1st Quarter



Unit 1-Friendship-fiction


Unit 1- Figure the Facts-The mathematical focus rests primarily on the development of number sense, operations, and fact fluency to 20.




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Here's to a great year! Please refer to your child's take home folder every night. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at or call the school at 410-887-7507.